Rear brake

IMAG0111Today I decided to strip down the rear brake ready for new seals. The first job was to remove the piston to check its condition, this required a trip to Halfords to get some brake fluid as I had already drained the system.

Once I had refilled the system, with it on my work bench (rotten garden table), I started to pump the piston out mm by mm. All in all it took about 2hours to get the piston out including the trip to the shops and refilling. Once the piston was out I could see it has a little corrosion around the very top, luckily the main working surface has cleaned up ok so it doesn’t require a new piston.

I then split the system back up again and gave the individual parts a quick clean. Unfortunately I have this whole messy process to go through again with the front brake, however I havn’t drained it yet so it should be a quicker process.



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