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My 2000 Tiffin Allegro M28 (30ft) RV project

So a few months ago I purchased a 2000 Tiffin Allegro M28 RV as a bit of a project. It looked in good condition for a 17 year old, but needed a bit of a care and updating.

This is the RV as I first got it. As part of the deal the seller ordered a new pair of headlights, as these were original and useless.

The first task was assessing what actually needs doing to the vehicle side of things. When I got home I found a slow leak in the drivers side suspension airbag, luckily the air bags were an easy fix. The lower suspension ball joint was also going bad on the same side, so this was also fixed.

All other vehicle systems seem to be working well, and with only 45k miles on the clock its not that surprising.

On the RV side I went through every system testing and checking specs, there were also some modifications already planned. I will split some of the work that has already been done into separate posts over the next days.

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Long over due update

Well it seems I haven’t updated my blog in forever, that’s because lots of stuff happened. I sold most things I owned and moved to Belgium in 2012, putting an end to the Honda NTV project.

On arrival in Belgium I started working for Infoblox as a technical support engineer in their Antwerpen office, and over the next years continued through to the role of senior escalation engineer. My girl friend finished her PhD and got a post doctorate research job at UC Davis in California, I requested a transfer to California through my work and was luckily supported.

So I am now in Sacramento California, with lots of new opportunities ahead 🙂

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New old parts

IMAG0195I have just got back from a 240mile road trip, and collected a complete RC33E engine from oddjob1 off the hondantv.co.uk forums. The engine looks very clean but it is of unknown condition, it looks recently rebuilt as it is dry with very new/unused looking gaskets. The total cost of the engine and trip to collect it worked out at £65. Continue reading

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Blocks off

In the gaps in the rain today I set about removing the cylinder blocks, this was just a case of just pulling them off carefully. I had already broken the gasket seals while removing the heads yesterday, which made things a lot easier.

IMAG0132Once I had removed the first block I set about removing the piston. I removed the clip holding the gudgeon pin in and carefully knocked it through, just enough, to be able to remove the piston from the conrod. Continue reading

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Heads off

As the weather was nice today I started work on the engine, I didn’t really want to go any further with the rest of the bike until I knew what state the engine was in.

IMAG0122With the rocker covers off I started on the rear pot and rotated the crank to rear top dead centre(TDC). The next job was to lock the cam chain tensioner in a slack position, this was a real pain to do, but probably not helped by the cam chains being stretched to their wear limit. Continue reading

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Front brake

IMAG0120Yesterday I stripped down the front brake hopeing to find it in a similar state to the rear, sadly I have found it has been rather abused. You can see from the picture that there are small sections of the main caliper body chipped off, right down to the dust seal bed. Continue reading

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Rear brake

IMAG0111Today I decided to strip down the rear brake ready for new seals. The first job was to remove the piston to check its condition, this required a trip to Halfords to get some brake fluid as I had already drained the system. Continue reading

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Exhaust cleaning

IMAG0108Today I started cleaning up the exhaust, I went down to Motoraid’s and bought some Autosol polish and wet&dry paper.

I started with the silencer which seems to have cleaned up quite nicely with just some Autosol, its a bit scratched in places but only minor. There doesnt appear to be any holes around the joints to the silencer which is where they are prone to rust, Im quite pleased. Continue reading

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Engine out

IMAG0104Today I finally managed to get the engine out of the frame with the help of Colt, this wasn’t too tricky being only 3 rather large bolts and removing a mount to make space. We took the weight of the engine on a trolly jack and once all bolts were removed lowered it down, I then lifted the frame away while Colt supported the engine on the jack. Continue reading

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