Sky broadband

I moved my broadband over to Sky earlier this year and took out a phone line, I had no phone line before as I used Virgins medium cable internet service. The move actually gave me a landline with free evening and weekend calls for just £1pcm more, as well as a few nice features and some problems. Continue reading

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Drive shaft

IMAG0100I finally got the rear wheel nut undone, luckily no damage, it was just seriously over tightened. Next off was the final drive housing followed by the drive shaft and universal joint. I am now ready to drop the lump, I hope to get it out in the next few hours.

For the moment the final drive housing and wheel have been put back on to keep everything movable, here is a picture of the final drive housing, you can see the drive shaft still in the swingarm.

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Front end

IMAG0087Removed most of the controls from the front end as well as everything electrical. I got rather stuck at this point as I could not get the rear wheel nut off! The engine was nearly ready to come out bar one thing, the drive shaft. Removing the drive shaft requires removal of the final drive housing, which would be a lot easier with no rear wheel attached. Continue reading

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Loom semi removed

IMAG0083I set about removing the rest of the electrical components and the loom from the frame, in the following picture you can see the loom still connected into the headlight. The next bits off were the remaining pipework.

I did remove the shock to aid in removing the expansion tank, but have since put it back in.

A big thanks to ‘Colt’ for his help with this project, he is the extra in this picture.

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More bits removed

IMAG0080The footpegs and brackets have been removed, along with the rear panel, I then removed the carbs and have put them to one side for cleaning later. The next job was draining the engine and final drive oil, which was a messy job as usual. I have not taken off the oil filter yet as I dont want it leaking everywhere, I have put the drain plugs back in for now. Continue reading

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The first bits off

IMAG0076I started by removing the seat, tank, airbox and side panels. Next up was the radiator and some of the pipe work to try and gave a bit of space to get the exhaust off. After a bit of faffing about the exhaust came off, and is now sat in the shed ready to be cleaned up at a later date. Continue reading

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And so it begins

I have been looking for a project for a while, and on Wednesday this week along came this 1995 Honda NTV650S.


I hit the first problem straight away when I couldnt get her into the garden, I ended up leaving her in the street overnight and removing a fence panel in the morning.
My first bike project was a 1983 Honda CB125TDC, that had a top end rebuild and general tidy up, this one is going to be soo much more. I plan to split the crank cases, check everything over and rebuild with maybe a few tweaks.She is looking pretty shabby in this picture, and if I’m honest it was taken after the awful topbox and rack were removed.

I will post up the progress as I go, I’ve already got a bit to catch up on as I spent most of the day tinkering in the sun.

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Site Updates

Ok so I’ve been working away on the server that hosts this website, mostly behind the scenes, and its nearing completion. The server is based on a desktop install of Ubuntu, this is because it also acts as my media server/player. The following is a list of some of the major packages I have been using, there has been a fair bit of configuration and custom page writing that I will cover at a later date. Continue reading

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This is the new and improved web presence of Matt Leonard, as of this post I’m currently still writing bits so please bear with me. I hope to populate the site with news about myself and some of the technical projects I work on, including a few little technical howto’s and media.

Please feel free to comment on any posts, but please keep it clean or they will be deleted.

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