My 2000 Tiffin Allegro M28 (30ft) RV project

So a few months ago I purchased a 2000 Tiffin Allegro M28 RV as a bit of a project. It looked in good condition for a 17 year old, but needed a bit of a care and updating.

This is the RV as I first got it. As part of the deal the seller ordered a new pair of headlights, as these were original and useless.

The first task was assessing what actually needs doing to the vehicle side of things. When I got home I found a slow leak in the drivers side suspension airbag, luckily the air bags were an easy fix. The lower suspension ball joint was also going bad on the same side, so this was also fixed.

All other vehicle systems seem to be working well, and with only 45k miles on the clock its not that surprising.

On the RV side I went through every system testing and checking specs, there were also some modifications already planned. I will split some of the work that has already been done into separate posts over the next days.

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