New old parts

IMAG0195I have just got back from a 240mile road trip, and collected a complete RC33E engine from oddjob1 off the forums. The engine looks very clean but it is of unknown condition, it looks recently rebuilt as it is dry with very new/unused looking gaskets. The total cost of the engine and trip to collect it worked out at £65.

The arrival of this new engine is good news as I recently found a crack in the left crank case of the original engine. I am going to fire up the new engine and see how it goes, if it requires any work I have the original engine for spares. I’m sort of hopeing that the new engine works without problem, but then I have lost the satisfaction of rebuilding it myself….

IMAG0172Earlier this week when returning home from work I found a package on my doorstep, it was the new front brake caliper I had bought from outlaw off the forums. I had already decided that the condition of the original front caliper was such that I could not re-use it, this new caliper is in great condition and ready to use.

My next job…

Get the new engine from the boot of my car into the garden, its not really a one person job.

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