Blocks off

In the gaps in the rain today I set about removing the cylinder blocks, this was just a case of just pulling them off carefully. I had already broken the gasket seals while removing the heads yesterday, which made things a lot easier.

IMAG0132Once I had removed the first block I set about removing the piston. I removed the clip holding the gudgeon pin in and carefully knocked it through, just enough, to be able to remove the piston from the conrod.

IMAG0136I then repeated the process on the other pot, this also proved to be just as easy and I was left with the top end all over my garden table.

IMAG0139I gave the heads a quick clean over and could now get a good look at the water jackets, and they are quite a mess. I think I have located the remains of the water pump impeller, as a sort of rusty/lime scale sand around the rear pot!

I then started removing the crap from the water jackets of both pots, ready for them to be cleaned properly later. Once the jackets were looking a bit cleaner I started to pack up. I quickly took a snap of the now topless RC33 engine, before covering it all up until tomorrow.

On a good note, using my untrained eye, the pistons and bores look in quite good condition. There are still light honing marks visable in the bores, suggesting to me that they have not done many miles since their last rebuild. I cant help wondering why there was a coolant system failure in the first place, I think the likely cause is tap water, leading to the build up of rust and lime scale.


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