Heads off

As the weather was nice today I started work on the engine, I didn’t really want to go any further with the rest of the bike until I knew what state the engine was in.

IMAG0122With the rocker covers off I started on the rear pot and rotated the crank to rear top dead centre(TDC). The next job was to lock the cam chain tensioner in a slack position, this was a real pain to do, but probably not helped by the cam chains being stretched to their wear limit.

IMAG0125Next I removed the rocker arms and rotated the crank round until I could undo the bottom bolt holding the sprocket on, back to TDC again and removed the top bolt. Now with a bit of a wiggle the cam shaft and sprocket came out, cleaned off and put to one side.

IMAG0126With the cam shaft and rockers now out of the way, all I had to do was remove the cam chain tensioner and then the head its self. The tensioner was easy to remove with just 2 bolts on the side of the block/head, I then slackened off each of the head bolts slowly. I ran into issue with the 5mm hex bolt as this was VERY tight, but eventually came out.

IMAG0127With nothing but the gasket now holding the head on I gave it a few taps around the joint. The base gasket actually gave way first making things more awkward, I eventually managed to brake the head gasket seal and off it came.

IMAG0129I repeated the whole process on the front pot, this time using front TDC when rotating the crank. I now have both heads removed and ready for a clean up, oh and I really do need to get the right size spark plug socket.

I started to clear up at this point as it was nearly time to leave for work. I put all the small parts from each pot in a sealable plastic tub inside a shoebox with the larger parts. I have written on each box either front or rear, I just hope I can remember where everything goes when it comes to putting it back together, you always have a few parts left over with DIY lol …


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